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 Green Lane, Ashington, Northumberland, UK

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Hello and a very warm welcome. 

I am Traci Cunningham a Photography Artist, based in Ashington, North East of England. 

When it comes to photography horses are my one true passion


My Photography Journey

My photography started for me when I took an interest in photographing landscapes, and as time progressed I began to explore different genres of photography and dedicated my time to a photography degree.

I have an extensive background working with horses and combining the passion for horses and photography drawing the two together.


The best way to describe my journey is decisive so I can be instinctive, creative and expressive.


BTEC - HNC Diploma in Photography

BTEC - HND Diploma in Photography


Why Horse Photography?


Horses captured my heart from a young age, just with their power, and beauty and they are such incredible animals.  From a young age, I sketched nothing but horses. 


I purchased my first horse at 17 years and still have horses today and worked as an equine hairdresser in 1997 and now hung up my horse clippers to pursue my photography career.